Exocet Cloud
Remote Monitoring

Enhance your project support with the Exocet Cloud service for remote data storage and visualisation

Because access to data is essential for exploiting it, we have created a platform for storing, viewing and sharing data from our Exocet devices in the cloud in real time.


FROM €100 excl. VAT/MONTH

Our Exocet Cloud service is the software application package that complements our Exocet units. On-site or remotely, on any computer screen, tablet, or smartphone, our Exocet Cloud solution, available by subscription, enables you to view your data live or recorded on customized dashboards.

Cloud Ecrans



  1. Our Exocet Blue Data Manager, Exocet Silver Navigation System, and Exocet Essential units are equipped with Cloud connectivity for data transfer.
  2. Coupled with a satellite or 5G/4G connection, the transfer of data collected in our devices can then be activated.
  3. Data is transmitted on demand or continuously at a frequency you can determine according to your needs and means (satellite costs).
  4. Data is stored raw on our secure server, and can be accessed on your own customizable cloud platform for:
    • Remote viewing of data for monitoring and control purposes.
    • Remote recording of on-board data for later analysis, or even sharing with third parties (performance analysis, incident studies, etc).



For all maritime and non-maritime projects that need to access, visualize, share, and analyze information with remote users.



The Ocean Race, Team Banque Populaire, Charal sailing Team, Malizia, Southern Wind, 11th Hour Racing Team, the TF35 fleet, Syroco, Andoo Comanche, Raven, Wally V, …



  • Data transmission
  • Secure remote storage
  • Live and recorded visualization
  • Enhanced monitoring 


Why do our customers use the Exocet Cloud service?


    • For a race organizer: positioning and close monitoring of a fleet
    • For a sailing team: monitoring of a boat at sea
    • For a boat rental company: fleet location and monitoring of use conditions


    • For a sailing team: performance monitoring and analysis from land: live and recorded. Teamwork, dedicated access to external service providers
    • For shipyards: monitoring of a fleet of boats, via data collection, helping to improve reliability and structures


  • For shipowners: historical data enables the implementation of optimized maintenance cycles, optimizing vessel routes and downtime
  • For all our customers: live detection of weaknesses or anomalies, enabling them to intervene to avoid breakage, with potentially costly consequences


  • Communication : sharing resources with partners, the media, and thepublic:tracking,navigation data, etc.
  • Scientific : collection of environmental data such as ocean temperature, winds, etc.


Secure data transmission from our Exocet devices

  • Data compression to reduce the volume of data transmitted
  • On-demand or continuous data transmission
  • Customization of data flow (number and frequency) to control satellite or 4G transmissions costs
  • Data encryption during transmission
  • Intelligent management of communication interruptions and recoveries (crash and recovery function)

Secure remote storage

  • Data stored as raw data
  • Secure access to your data for as long as your subscription is active
  • Data transfer to other analysis tools and software for customized analysis

Visualization and monitoring via our web application


Visualize and use your data live or recorded via dashboards featuring: graphs, bar graphs, gauges, statistics, map with GPS track, etc.


Create your own dashboards using our integrated editor, selecting the data you want to display: navigation, performance, energy, steering, wind, load, optic fiber sensors, etc.


Define the alert threshold for the data of your choice and set your alarms. Stay informed of alarms by e-mail or telegram.


Share and manage access rights to dashboards for each member of your team or for your external service providers.

Communication - MEDIA

Share, publish, and integrate your dashboards for your partners or the general public


For all devices




  • On quote: support service for the creation of customized dashboards tailored to your project



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