Exocet Essential
The essentials for navigation, data management and autopilot

It's our entry-level navigation unit, compatible with most marine equipment and software.

The EXOCET ESSENTIAL is an all-in-one unit, with the essential functions to maximise performance and safety in competition.


FROM €17,740 excluding VAT

High-performance Auto Pilot, data acquisition and navigation system in a single device! Simplicity and essentials are the key words for this unit, which made its debut in the EXOCET range in 2021. It brings together all the essential functions for inshore and offshore racing in a ready-to-use product that will give you your first taste of the high-tech world of Pixel sur Mer. Whether you're sailing a 60- or 40-footer, or a mini-6.50, the EXOCET ESSENTIAL will provide you with a complete, accessible solution that's easy to integrate on board. 

This entry-level product, a real concentrate of technology, will enable you to discover Pixel sur Mer's expertise through technologies developed over many years in the Ultim and Imoca classes. 

If you want access to advanced configuration options, you'll have to opt for our other products, the EXOCET BLUE and EXOCET SILVER. On the other hand, if you're looking for simplicity, all-in-one, ready-to-use solution that combines performance and budget control, then the EXOCET ESSENTIAL is the solution for you. 



  • A robust, fully waterproof, small, low power consumption aluminium on-board unit installed by our teams or yourself on board your boat. 

  • An instrument connected to the navigation sensors installed on board your boat: speed, wind, positioning and effort.  

  • It collects data from these sensors via its communication interfaces and sends this data back for live display on on-board screens (B&G, Simard, Garmin, NKE, etc.) as well as on any screen (tablet, computer, smartphone, watch, etc.). 

  • This unit is used as a navigation centre. Embedded in the EXOCET ESSENTIAL, our sophisticated algorithms use the data collected on board to provide you with highly accurate and reliable information, such as apparent wind, true wind, speed, etc. 

  • Finally, the EXOCET ESSENTIAL gives you access to Pixel sur Mer's steering overlays, designed to optimise performance and safety. 


For all projects that require a simple and accessible solution combining the essential technologies for inshore and offshore sailing. It has been designed to provide a pragmatic, turnkey response to the needs of sailors who want to focus on the essentials while controlling their budget without sacrificing performance: Imoca, Class 40s, Mini 6.50s, etc. 


  • 3-in-1 product: navigation system, data logger and Auto Pilot  
  • Stand-alone installation possible 
  • Visualisation of data on a multitude of displays, PCs, tablets, smartphones and connected watches 
  • Automatically readjusts the boat's course under autopilot using information from the various sensors. 
  • High resistance and reliability 
  • Upgradeable: we regularly improve our products. Updates will be available so that you can benefit from a product that is always at the cutting edge of the latest technology. 


Launched in 2021, the EXOCET ESSENTIAL is being used on an increasing number of boats, including Class 40s with Crosscall, Ibsa, Everial, Le Gallais Team Voile, and Imoca boats with Conrad Collman's Imagine.


  • Sensorfailuremanagement  
  • Advanced truewindcalculation  
  • Performance management  
  • Alerts management  
  • Data display on multiple media (displays, PC, tablet, smartphone)  
  • Advanced automatic piloting (trajectory intelligence)  
  • 1Hz data logging of navigation data  
  • Compatible with Adrena and Expedition navigation software 



  1. Monitoring and management of navigation sensors
    Like its big brother, EXOCET SILVER, this EXOCET ESSENTIAL enables all the navigation sensors to be monitored in real time.In addition to simple monitoring, it intelligently manages any equipment failures, ensuring that navigators receive accurate, reliable information at all times. 
  2. Universal data visualisation  
    Navigation data is at the fingertips of navigators. The platform provides a sophisticated web interface for viewing data on computers, tablets and smartphones. What's more, it is compatible with the majority of displays on the market, such as B&G/Navico, NKE, Garmin and others, guaranteeing seamless integration with existing equipment.  

  3. Advanced truewindcalculation  
    In sailing, accurate knowledge of the wind is essential. EXOCET ESSENTIAL offers a high-end solution for true wind calculation, enabling crews and autopilots to react instantly to changing weather conditions and adjust their strategy accordingly.

  4. Performance data extraction  
    EXOCET ESSENTIALdoesn't just provide data: it analyses it. Sailors can extract relevant performance data to continually assess and improve their efficiency and strategy at sea. 
  5. Optimised steering for safety and performance   
    At the heart of Exocet Silver is an advanced steering system that optimises the boat's trajectory. By integrating real-time data and advanced analysis, the boat sails on a trajectory that maximises safety while ensuring optimum performance.  

  6. Advanced alerting system for safe navigation  
    Sailors can set alert thresholds for data such as wind speed, water depth, temperature, etc.When these thresholds are reached or exceeded, the system automatically generates alerts, distinguishing between 'warning' and 'alarm' levels. This ensures that crews are constantly aware of potentially dangerous conditions and can act accordingly, enhancing safety at sea. 


  • Rugged, waterproof and lightweight CE & FCC certified case  
  • Low power consumption  
  • Compliant with all major marine standards (including NMEA2000 and NMEA0183)  
  • Compatible with most instruments, displays and softwares 
  •  Internal clock synchronised with GPS 





​Anodized aluminium​

Taille113 x 97 x 40mm​
Temperatures spécifiées-10/+50°C​
Indice d'étanchéitéIP67​
Tension d’entrée9-51V​
Consommation d’énergie4W​
CertificationsCE EN 60945 and FCC​


INPUTS - OUTPUTS on the box  

  • 1 x Ethernet  
  • 2 x CAN 2.0  
  • 6 x analogue inputs - 16 bit 50Hz  
  • 1 x RS422 input + 5 x RS232 inputs  
  • 2 x contact inputs, 3 x contact outputs  


Two connection cables: CAN + CAN Ethernet cable  
Installation guide  


  • Two additional cables: serial cable and IO/Analogue cable  
  • Exocet Connect junction box: analogue or serial 
  • 1 or 2 buzzer alarm box  
  • Contact input extension box (x16 input)  
  • Contact output extension box (x8 output)  
  • Compatible brands of analogue, serial and Ethernet extension boxes 


  • Multi-sensor system architecture and integration service  
  • support at sea to optimize settings. 
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