The collaboration began in September 2021 with the involvement of our design office, which is initiating the sizing of the project, starting with a time of consulting with the owner of the boat and the other stakeholders in the shipyard to define the systems, the choice of equipment and anticipate their integration into the structure.

Pixel sur Mer’s assignments:

  • Monitor the structure by installing fibre optics and rigging load sensors
  • To enable automated control of the foils and a high-performance navigation system

Our products EXOCET Blue, Gold and Silver can be found on board this super-yacht.

Pixel sur Mer and Baltic

Pixel sur Mer’s wide range of expertise on the project has enabled us to explore the full range of Pixel’s know-how and ensure coherence in the delivery of such a technological challenge.

The project’s handover and the associated consulting phase began in September 2021. This ambitious project will have required more than 1 year of collaboration with the teams from Botin Partners, A2B marine, Baltic Yacht and MHC (Marine Hydraulic Consultancy) to design the project, understand and imagine the systems to be installed and the navigation modes.

Jérome Guiban, Design Office Manager at Pixel sur Mer:
“Among the various fields of intervention, it was necessary to define how our teams were able to act on the automation of the movements of such a structure. Therefore, we had to take into account any type of intervention other than Pixel sur Mer. For example, the movements of a boat according to the wind can be controlled by the hydraulic load present in the structure itself. So it was with the MHC teams that we were able to anticipate and implement the automation of these movements.“

Once the project had been designed, our teams started work on producing and developing the electronics for the Raven RS111. Pixel sur Mer’s integration department then took over the installation of the system on board.

Our teams’ response to this technological challenge reflects our ability to deliver a high level of expertise at every stage of such a project.

In addition to our customised expertise, our products provide the technological building blocks needed to realise such a project. Our Exocet Blue, Exocet Gold and Exocet Silver are installed on board to monitor the structure, control the foils and enable the navigation systems to be automated.

Since the launch of the boat, our teams have been working at the Raven RS111 construction site in Jakobstad, checking the fiber optic systems before and after the mast was installed, and starting to train the crew in the use of our Exocet and their interfaces.

Technological focus - Our Exocet range

Exocet BLUE
Monitoring such a structure is optimised by integrating the EXOCET Blue on board. The installation of fibre optics on the boat’s structure: mast, foils, arms, etc. was considered right from the design stage. Fibre optics and load sensors were installed to measure the rig’s stress and determine the stresses on the mast. It is necessary to be able to monitor the movements of the boat with a mast of such a height, in order to prevent as far as possible, the stresses that it can sometimes have to withstand.

EXOCET Blue’s graphic display interface and the Cloud functionality with which it is associated provide extensive access to all the navigation parameters on board the Raven RS111. The screens available show: sail auto-detection, mast bending values, etc.

Exocet GOLD
Unlike the AC75, the Baltic 111 Raven was not designed to fly. In fact, we’re not talking about flight control here, but foil control!

Still working closely with Botin Partners to optimise the design of the boat, our design office had to anticipate the movements of the foils and how to act on them. Thanks to Botin’s simulator, we were able to carry out a number of tests with our EXOCET Gold. These tests have enabled us to put into practice the automation of foil control via different modes ranging from assistance during navigation to full automation, including during the manoeuvring phases.

This automation of manoeuvres offers new perspectives on the way we sail, with the possibility of reducing the size of the crew on a boat of this size.

Finally, the installation of such a navigation system is enhanced by the integration of our EXOCET Silver, which offers the possibility of managing sensor failures and signal redundancy. This box provides the link between the displays and all the main navigation softwares: Adrena, Expedition, TimeZero, etc.