EXOCET interrogator
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The fibre optic interrogator for Bragg grating sensors is an essential part of our solution for monitoring the state of structures (micro-deformations and temperatures).


FROM €15,635 excluding VAT


In order to deliver the best possible solutions to our markets, we have developed our own interrogator. It is now part of our EXOCET product range. It has been designed to meet the specific expectations of our markets, which are demanding in terms of performance (weight, energy consumption, etc.) and where projects are mostly carried out in extreme environments.

This interrogator is the one we use in the majority of cases. However, depending on the requirements of your project and its specifications, our optic fiber department may decide to use an alternative interrogator.



As part of our optic fiber service, we design and install full, custom-built systems, that we fit by positioning the optic fibers and sensors with the utmost precision. We connect them to the Exocet interrogator and configure the software to guarantee the propagation of the light beams and ensure the reception and decoding of the resulting signals. Finally, we ensure the acquisition and accessibility of the generated data, thanks to our complementary product dedicated to data: the Exocet Blue.


Our Exocet interrogator is unique and specifically designed for our markets

Its spectral window and ability to manage up to 4 sensor channels enable us to meet the needs of the most information-intensive projects with up to 100 measurement points.

Our Exocet SBI 155 interrogator is available in 3 versions. The model selection depends on the number of measurement points to be processed.

Special attention has been paid to weight, energy consumption, and design.

Its anodized stainless steel casing is sturdy, and we can make it waterproof if required by adding an optional waterproof casing.

It also comes with a waterproof, shockproof case for safe transportation.



 Technical specifications 
Number of channels4 channels 
Spectral window1520-1580 nm           |         1500-1600 nm          |      1460-1620 nm
Wavelength resolution1 pm (1.2 µε and ≈0.1°C)
Sampling frequencyUp to 100Hz
Optical connector typeLC-APC
Average number of sensors per channel 8 FBGs               |          12 FBGs         |        20 FBGs 
Connection type for acquisitionEthernet (TCP /I P protocol)


 Operating conditions 
Operating conditions-20 to 60°C
Maximum humidity80%


Mechanical specifications 
Dimensions290 x 210 x 80 mm
Weight2.48 kg


Power supply  
Supply voltage 9-36 VCC
Power consumption20 W de moyenne


3 versions of our Exocet interrogator are available so that we can offer you the device best suited to the number of measurement points in your project.

Depending on your specifications, our team will advise you on the most appropriate version:

  • For an average of 30 sensors: EXOCET SBI 155 Interrogator - 1520-1580 nm: 15,635 € HT
  • For an average of 50 sensors: EXOCET SBI 155 Interrogator - 1500-1600 nm: 19,320 € HT
  • For an average of 80 sensors: EXOCET SBI 155 Interrogator - 1460-1620 nm: 21,104 € HT


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