Exocet Blue
Data Manager

Much more than a data logger : The EXOCET BLUE Data Manager is a complete data management system.

It is a unique multi-protocol, multi-interface data acquisition system compatible with most marine equipment and software. It has been designed for the extreme environment of competitive sailing, but is also perfectly suited to all kinds of maritime or aeronautical projects.


FROM €9,950 excluding VAT 


Data, from sensor to user 

The EXOCET BLUE is an instrument that collects and records your data, allowing you to process and visualize them onboard or remotely, thanks to its cloud connectivity.

Widely recognized as one of the most powerful solutions on the market, its reliability, intuitiveness, and adaptability are unquestionable. The EXOCET BLUE is compatible with most marine equipment and software.


  1. The EXOCET BLUE is a compact, sturdy, fully waterproof aluminum onboard unit with low power consumption

  2. This device is connected to the various sensors installed onboard your boat or platform: navigation, effort, hydraulic, energy, positioning, safety, and instrumentation sensors, etc.

  3. It collects data from the sensors via its multiple communication interfaces, at the frequency specific to each sensor, while guaranteeing a common timestamp

  4. It stores this data in a compressed format on its internal memory (black box capability if needed)

  5. It processes data according to the objectives and instructions defined during set-up (using Manta, the Exocet web-based configuration tool, and its library of data processing functions)

  6. It returns these data for live viewing on:
    • Onboard displays (B&G, Simard, Garmin, NKE…)
    • Any computer, tablet, or smartphone: by viewing the onboard web interface, fully configurable by our editor, to meet your needs and graphic preferences (colors, dashboard, graphs…)

  7. It enables you to monitor the evolution of risk data by setting up warnings and alarms (pop-up, sound, flash)
  8. If required, it can retransmit data to other onboard systems (pilot, navigation software…), thus acting as a data gateway

  9. Finally, thanks to its cloud connectivity, it can transmit selected data to our cloud platform for:
    • Remote data visualization for live tracking and monitoring by off-site teams
    • Remote recording of onboard data for later analysis, sharing with third parties (performance analysis, incident study…) 


All projects that need to access, process, visualize, store, and transmit information. It enables the user to make the best decisions: racing sailboat skippers, sailing teams, boat rental companies, shipyards, shipowners in the marine industry, race organizers, project leaders in aeronautics and defense.
The Exocet Blue is a unique system, capable of communicating with all onboard equipment.


What makes it unique on the market

  • Easy to configure
  • Customizable graphic interfaces for enhanced user experience
  • Capable of acquiring and processing large amounts of data.
  • Expandable thanks to the possibility of increasing the number of inputs and outputs
  • Highly resistant and reliable
  • Upgradeable: we are constantly improving our products. Upgrades are available to ensure that you always benefit from the very latest technology



Launched in 2017, the EXOCET BLUE Data Manager has made a name for itself and become a must-have for many projects: they are fitted on the Ultims trimarans Gitana, Banque Populaire and Sodebo, half the Imocas fleet, the maxis yachts Comanche, Skorpios, Raven or Wally cento V, the maxi catamarans Mousetrap, Artexplora… The Southernwind shipyard and The Ocean Race have selected it to equip their boats to be able to monitor their fleet.



  • Data acquisition
  • Onboard and remote live data visualization
  • Secure data recording
  • Data transmission
  • Alarm monitoring
  • System interoperability



While sailing, live:

    • Direct access to live data to fine-tune settings and optimize performance
    • Prevent incidents by monitoring risks and adapting your steering accordingly

Remotely, live:

    • From land, provide fleet monitoring for race organizers, boat rental companies, and ship owners

Remotely, off-line data recording:

    • Optimize vessel or fleet maintenance by monitoring wear sensors, detecting anomalies…
    • Carry out performance analysis
    • Collect environmental data: ocean temperature, weather…
    • Optimize travel for shipowners: for example, by providing information to optimize consumption: miles vs speed, crossing time, etc
    • A true black box since it can also be used to analyze the causes of an incident to determine where responsibility lies.




  • A sturdy, waterproof, and lightweight CE & FCC-certified casing
  • Low power consumption
  • Compliant with all major marine standards (including NMEA2000 and NMEA0183)
  • Compatible with most equipment, displays and software
  • Easy to configure thanks to Manta, our graphics editor
  • Customizable:
    • Create additional processing features with Python coding and expression evaluator
    • Use our graphics editor to customize your display screens
  • GPS-synchronized internal clock for secure, long-term storage (approx. 1 year) of large volumes of high-precision data
  • Cloud connectivity: data can be transmitted via 4G/5G or satellite to our dedicated cloud application
Materialsaluminium​ anodisé
Size113 x 97 x 40mm​
Specified temperatures-10/+50°C​
Sealing indexIP67​
Input voltage9-51V​
Power consumption4W​
CertificationsCE EN 60945 and FCC​
  • 1 x Ethernet
  • 2 x CAN 2.0
  • 6 x analog inputs – 16 bits 50Hz
  • 6 serial ports (5 RS232, 1 RS232/RS422)
  • 2 x contact inputs + 3 x contact outputs

THE Exocet Blue data manager OFFER


  • Exocet Blue unit
  • 2 connection cables included: CAN + Cable Can Ethernet
  • User's guide


  • 2 additional cables: serial cable and IO/analog cable
  • Exocet connection unit Connect:Analog or Serial
  • 1or2buzzer alarm unit(s)
  • Contact input extension unit (x16 inputs)
  • Contact output extension unit (x8 outputs)
  • Analog, serial, and Ethernet expansion units from compatible brands


  • System set-up and interface customization service
    (2 to 8 days)
  • Architecture and integration of a multi-sensor system
  • Optical fiber instrumentation service
  • Service for interfacing sensors not previously listed


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