Designed to enhance safety at sea and offer unrivalled peace of mind to sailors all over the world, whatever boat they use to navigate the seas and oceans, this product is eagerly awaited by the maritime community and is set to become a must-have piece of equipment for safety at sea. Indeed, maritime navigation, whether practiced for leisure or for professional purposes, involves intrinsic risks. EXOCET Safety has been developed to help sailors deal with the challenges inherent in navigation, such as sudden weather phenomena, the risk of collision, or specific emergency situations linked to breakdowns.



Pixel sur Mer is no novice in this field and has been offering a range of ship safety functions such as anti-capsize and effort monitoring for many years. These features have been developed and tested in the context of yacht racing, a field in which they have proved their performance. Up until now, these safety features have been available as customizations in some of our EXOCET products, but now they and the new ones will be integrated into a single product: the EXOCET Safety. The product will be available in two versions to meet the specific needs of both sailing and motor navigation.

By installing Exocet Safety and its essential or optional related equipment, users will be able to access functions that will enable them to avoid capsizing or oversteering, manage a man-overboard situation, be alerted in the event of water intrusion or excessive strain on the rigging, and anticipate weather warnings and local phenomena that could have an impact on the boat's safety. They will also be able to keep a close eye on energy consumption on board and ensure that their moorings are properly anchored.

In addition, to meet the specific needs of the ocean, an optional feature will be available from 2025 in each version: the Anticollision system. This option will provide unique protection against collisions, making journeys on the high seas even safer.

As well as alerting the crew with audible and visual alarms, the system will be able, depending on the equipment on board and the settings chosen by the user, to act automatically on the boat's trajectory or release the sails to avoid a dangerous situation.


In addition to the functions provided by the box, complementary EXOCET accessories designed to enhance the system's efficiency and user experience will be available as options. Among these accessories, an additional box will enable the system's audible alarms to be transformed into voice alarms. This voice alarm, available in several languages, will instantly and accurately inform the crew of the problem detected, enabling them to respond more quickly to emergency situations. A complete mechanical and electronic system with an instrumented cleat to automatically release a rope will also be offered as an option.

More than just another equipment, EXOCET Safety offers peace of mind to sailors and their crews, so they can concentrate on the pleasure of sailing. While motor sailors will have to wait until 2025 to be equipped, the sailing version is expected to be on the market by summer 2024. Pre-orders for the newcomer to the Exocet range are now open.

To find out more, visit the product page -  Exocet Safety

💬 Jean-François Cuzon, founder and CEO of Pixel sur Mer:

We provide solutions and technological breakthroughs to help sailors improve their everyday performance and safety. With EXOCET Safety, we want to bring peace of mind to all those who sail. Our ambition is to meet the needs of all those involved in the maritime world by enabling them to sail more safely. We believe in a maritime future where technology improves safety and performance while contributing to a positive environmental impact."