Pixel sur Mer is developing a navigation system: the EXOCET Silver. This processor can aggregate the measurements of numerous sensors found on racing yachts. Thanks to these measurements, the navigation system provides performance indicators and a precise wind estimation, essential for sailors and trimmers on board. EXOCET Silver can detect faults in connected sensors. If sensors are redundant, EXOCET Silver can select the most suitable sensor in working order.

The aim of the internship is to go one step further in detecting anomalies and providing diagnostic assistance, enabling the sailboat's performance to be calculated and the wind to be estimated without fail.

You will be working in the design office, which has 7 engineers. As part of your internship, and with the help of the team, you will get to know how a navigation system for a racing yacht works. You will have to identify faults that are not yet detectable by the navigation system and suggest, implement, and validate evolutions to handle them.


  • Master’s student in robotics/computer science/automation.
  • Previous programming experience. C++, Python and MATLAB is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Bayesian estimation / signal processing / algebra.
  • Sailing experience is a plus.
  • Languages: Fluent in French or English.


  • 5-6 month internship starting February 2024
  • Position based in Lorient (56)
  • Professional environment: Sailing racing / Maritime technological development